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The Spiritually Awakened Influencer Enhancer

Explore the incredible power of divine connection and mind, body and soul alignment





Seven conversational masterclasses that make learning as easy as listening to an audiobook or podcast!

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Several core areas required for evolving into higher consciousness including:

  • The amazing benefits of meditation

  • Exploring, awakening and healing the chakras

  • Developing conscious thought leadership

  • Who Would Benefit

    • People who identify as empaths or high-sensitive individuals

    • People who feel they don't align with conventional ways of daily life, work, etc. and want to explore themselves

    • Anyone who wants to stop feeling stressed or overwhelmed

    • Anyone who wants to improve their overall well-being and move forward in a positive light

    Course Overviews

    Here's a better breakdown of what you'll be learning inside this comprehensive masterclass bundle

    Course 1

    Awakening The Conscious Thought Leader Within

    Discover the importance and the advantages of awakening a new level of thought leadership along with three key benefits of high level characteristics associated with conscious thought leadership.

    Course 2

    Awakening a New Era of Conscious Thought Leaders

    A companion training to Awakening The Conscious Thought Leader Within. In this period of significant change, learn about actively evolving yourself and becoming keenly aware of what is required of you in order to be a successful thought leader in this new era.

    Course 3

    The Consciously Aligned Leader-preneur: Awakening Your New Leadership Potential Through Higher Consciousness, Emotional Intelligence & More

    An exploration of how to leverage emotional intelligence, higher consciousness, spiritual alignment, intuitive skills and more in order to grow you leadership potential.

    Course 4

    Consciously Awakening to Your Soul's Purpose for the New World

    It's one of the great questions in life. What is my purpose? Hear stories from the trainers about how they gained clarity on their soul's purpose, how things have evolved, and how you can make your own discoveries about your soul's purpose.

    Course 5

    Awakening to the Power of Meditation

    With proven health benefits, more and more people from all walks of life are embracing meditation as a part of their routines in order to reduce stress, feel refreshed, be more mindful, perform at higher levels and more. Learn how to get started with the basics and experience some meditative exercises.

    Course 6

    Awakening the Chakras Anew - New Fundamentals for Healing, Wholeness and More

    Learn about the seven major chakras - energy centers of the body which must be open and aligned for harmony between mind, body and spirit - and discover the important role that chakras play in your life. Experience a guided exercise to help awaken the chakras.

    Course 7

    Healing the Chakras Anew - The Basics of Consciously Awakening and Activating Your 3-Dimensional Wholeness Factor

    A companion training to Awakening the Chakras Anew, this training takes a deeper dive into the chakras and takes you through self-exploration beyond just your physical body. Take a guided journey through the New Energy Body Higher Intelligence Healing and Wholeness Connection Exploration.

    Meet The Founder

    CEO & Founder, Stratoschool

    Rob Deptford

    "There has never been more demand for lifestyle-preneurship - the opportunity to run a business that allows people to live life on their terms. In turn, that has created enormous demand for successful digital experts to share their secrets. We've brought together some of the very best, and while their training normally commands high-ticket pricing, we've negotiated this affordable bundle for a limited time. It's a tremendous privilege for me to help you learn skills and strategies to achieve your dream lifestyle. Go make it happen!"

    Meet The VP and Lead Facilitator

    Vice President, Stratoschool


    "The NEW-NOW-Normal for success in the areas of lifestyle, career, finances, health, spirituality and more are being maximized in the digital space. More people are making the shift and commitment to their life-long-learning for holistic development by wasting no time to digitize and optimize their lives in the most aligned ways. The new digital economy is about developing, evolving and enriching the WHOLE of one's experience. Lifestyle WHOLENESS is the new currency for ultimate success. So it's time to discover and develop your unique digital economy with Startoschool."

    Meet The Guest Trainers

    Brenda Jacobson



    Brenda came from financial roles in the C-suite to found her company, YouEQ, with a mission of creating a global community that supports all people to resolve conflict by leveling up emotional intelligence skills, embodying empathy, and transforming conversations. She also explores various spiritual and mindfulness avenues as the founder of Awakening Consciously, and she has authored a book by that name along with more than a dozen others available on Amazon.

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